måndag 30 maj 2016

Keep it simple!

Bales is a pattern that kan be light and airy or heavy and solid. It depends. It can be a carrier of light or it can be made dark. It can also be simple and work all the way or it can be made as complicated as you wish. It is a pattern based on a grid, but  this pattern is so easy to get flowing and makes the grid change to correspond to any string. It is also a pattern that easily can transform to other grid-based patterns.

This is my Bales for today with Fescu. I used string 118 by Barbara Finwall. I was aiming to keep it simple, even more simple than this. Just focus on the line that came from my pen out on the paper. The outcome was not the goal and I could enjoy the process an feel the relaxation. That´s the point.  Not perfection. And now I can be happy for the result!

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