tisdag 24 maj 2016


After a day filled with a lots of busy things I really was longing for this hour when I could just go into a moment of meditative drawing. Zentangles are addictive! I didn´t look for a challenge, I didn´t open my computer, I just sat down and focused on the lovely empty tile laying in front of me. I choose to work with the next string in the zentanglepattern library. No. 116 by Sandy Hunter. I had done this string before in a challenge. But now I just let the string go on and this is what came out:

In the middle is a zen-gem. I don´t really know if it is a tanglepattern or not but they are really fun to do. Here are steps for those wonderful jewels. I don´t use them too often but today I wanted to have it there. It gives me a feeling of luxury. And gratitude. The other tangles or some of them are Ix, Papyrus (don´t know who has come up with that) and Ragz (Christina Vandervlist)

The outcome from doing this is obvious. I feel relaxed and released from the pressure of today!

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