söndag 15 maj 2016

Slow down and breath with Bijou

Bijou came by today. But not appearing with a common white little tile, but with a black one, which was sent to me by a friend of mine CZT Ela Rieger in Germany. The story of Bijou you can read here. This was the first original black Bijou-tile I have tried (I have made my own from black paper earlier). I can say I enjoyed doing this one. The smooth surface makes the zenstone be a perfect tool! So thank you Ela for giving me this!

Bijou-format: 5x5 cm (2x2 inch). The pattern is Fugu (Sonya Yencer). I often use this format when I practice a new tanglepattern. I´ve found that it is perfect when I need to slow down wherever I am or when I am in a situation that I have a very short time to tangle. Just be there for a few minutes of focus makes a great difference. Today is Pentecost, so I can just relax, taking the time I need and that is so relieving. The cat is sleeping, the dog is out with her other owner and I am doing what I want in my studio. So I made another one before going into painting: 

One more Fugu but now also together with Flux and string 109. Happy Pentecost all of you!

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