söndag 22 maj 2016

Zendala + Ix and Skye

Today I am having a party with Ix and Skye as special guests! I looked at Lynn Shelton Mead´s last tile with Ix and felt I had to go on with it. First in my sketchbook, trying to find Ix in me! And there it was! To celebrate I made it on a zendala tile together with my latest tanglefriend Sky(Margaret Bremner). 

It is not a well-centered zendala. But I don´t care! The Ix was so fun to do this way and ofcourse Skye! I really wanted to use Skye in a round but it was a little scary. So I started with Skye and then let Ix come into the play.  Fescu also popped up! 

From this I learn something: When I don´t really get along with a tangle: Just do it over and over again in the sketchboo till it clicks in!

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