lördag 14 maj 2016


During making a zentangle you are supposed to rotate the tile. I do that. There are no ups and downs. Or shouldn´t be.  Then there is the shading. To add the shading means also I have to decide where the light-source is. If there is no light there cannot be any shade so simple is that. When I was a photographer in the 70ties and 80ties I learned a lot about shades, how to use them to get most 3D in my pictures, how to use them to focus on, or not focus on something. It is such a delicate thing to work with light and shades! I still love it and still I have got so much to learn about it!

Right now the focus tangle in Square One is Fugu (Sonya Yencer). It has got the form of an american football and it really invites me to use shading. This is a monotangle I used with Adele Bruno´s string. To take a pic of it means I have to decide what should be up an what should be down! I am still not sure which way I prefer it. Here is a second alternative:

I keep my tiles in a square box. When I look at them I can change the view, so it doesn´t really matter. But if I frame the tile and put it on my wall I have to decide! So I guess I´d better let it be in the box!

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