tisdag 3 maj 2016


Joey´s challenge roman number XI. This was a  r e a l challenge for me. All patterns in the challenge were new to me: Vache 1 (Genvieve Crabe), Shons (Lizzie Mayne), Susa and Zippa (both tangles by Neil Burley). After I had practiced them I decided not to use Zippa. I do love tangles that looks complicated but are easy to learn. I hate tangles that looks easy but are difficult to learn. I am sorry to say but two of the tangles looked easy but I felt they were difficult to learn. Both from Neil Burley. I guess there are a lots of people that doesn´t agree with me. Anyway I went on with the challenge. Shons and Vache were really nice to do. Especially Shons is a tangle I am glad I know by now! It has a lots of possibilities. First I was dissapointed how Susa appeared on my tile, but when I had worked on it a little more I think it came out quite ok. Still I find it difficult to do.

And I am not sure Neil Burley would recognize his tangle! Anyway this is the way XI went for me.

Here comes a post scriptum to this:
I actually started on another tile, but gave it up! I couldn´t get Zippa right! Today 14th of May I finished it and I am happy I did:

I like it even more than the one I finished first! Zippa may not be Zippa. Maybe a tangleation, maybe something else. Down in the left corner ther are some Abundies (Hanny Waldburger) too.

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I think you did a good job with those tangles. The only one I'm familiar with this time is vache, and I don't care for it. I do agree with you about the two by Neil Burley, I think they are difficult, so yeah, I think you did really well!!


Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank you Joyce! I enjoyed the process though! Because after a while I cared less about getting the tangle right and just let it be whatever! :)

The Yorkshire Tortoise sa...

Your tile turned out very well in the end. I had similar problems, these tangles will not be on my list of to use again.

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Well I might go for the one I left aside😄!

Susan Theron sa...

Your tile turned out beautiful. I totally agree with you that the patterns of Neil Burley is difficult to learn and must be precisely done. I would have liked to see tiles where he used it himself.