söndag 19 juni 2016

A beautiful day

I am really tired. It doesn´t make sense. Whe have been to the international dog-show in Leksand. We didn´t exhibit our Pumi 10 month old. We just went there so she could meet other Pumis. That was wonderful and overwhelming! She had a wonderful time and we could she how beautiful she really is among them! But I am exhausted and so tired. When I started to tangle I wanted to use Groove (Eden Hunt)and string 123. To work through the strings in Tanglepattern´s library is a personal challenge of mine. The rest of the tile I filled with patterns I have as my go-to:

There is Crescent Moon, Knight´s Bridge and Afterglow (Carole Ohl). It was so nice to rest in the string and just do what I knew by hearth and I feel grateful with a great amount of satisfaction. It has been a blessed day.

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