tisdag 21 juni 2016

Travelling tangles 1

Travelling tangles project was something that I had seen something about but I didn´t know exactly how it worked until I was invited. Now I have tried it and it is fun indeed! You start a tile, don´t finish it and send it to someone you have got as your partner. You get an unfinished tile back and finish it. At last present the result in the group. Here is mine unfinished that I sent to Jolanda Baan:

And this is the result:

It was special indeed to see the outcome. And so fun. As I had looked at this it was like a part of another person took place in a part of me. Very exciting! Than it was my turn! Yesterday I found a letter in my mailbox and there was a wonderful little creation. I felt a little afraid to destroy it going into it with strokes that might not fit! But today I made it! Here is the wonderful letter I got:

And here is what I made out of it:

I had such a great time doing this! Thank you Jolanda for giving me this wonderful gift!

2 kommentarer:

Jolanda Baan sa...

I love the results of both the tiles Anita! It was very happy tangling with you.

Best regards, Jolanda

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's Jolanda! I must add your second tile also. Fix it tomorrow!