tisdag 7 juni 2016


Staub Korn has made a tangleation of Flip-Flap, called C-Wing. It is an easy-to-learn tangle and will sure be a favourite of mine. Here I tried it on string 120:

The strings as well as zentangles are supposed to be nonrepresentative, but they are not always! String 121 has the shape of 1/8 note. Now when I have got to that one I was first disturbed. I had to look in another direction and find something else out of it. I slowed down. Went away from it and got back. Remembered to breath and then I started with Skye (Margaret Bremner. As I find this tanglepattern very relaxing and craving my focus I just had to go on from there.

I have wanted to try Floating Discs (Suzanne McNeill) for some time so here I had the opportunity! And C-Wing (Staub Korn) is the focustangle in Square One and there it was! Yes I had some fun!!!

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