lördag 18 juni 2016

The monotangle

This morning when I opened my iphone, I was introduced to a group called "The monotangle adventure" on Facebook. Because of that I will set the Monotangle in focus for this post. The monotangle is simple: Only use one tangle! I have done it a several times and I find it very relaxing and very much being in the zen-zone ! Here is the zentanglemethod at it´s most pure form. Just repeat the same pattern for a while, finding new ways for it to develop and change into tangleations! I also have experienced that doing a monotangle, I am not at all focused on the result, but the process, the line going out from my pen. That should be the case when I do an ordinary tile, but it is very easy  for me to judge myself and get lost into planning. With a monotangle I really don´t mind the result, it is just about being in the moment. As I saw the FB-group I said to myself, I must do this more often!

This is my morningtangle from my sketchbook. I tried the focustangle from Square One called Groove by Eden Hunt. As usual in my sketchbook I used my Lamy fountainpen. The pattern I haven´t done before and the wavy-style of the grid is something that I have to practice, because it doesn´t come natural for me. The string I used is the one from Joey´s first circular challenge 116. As I started to do the tangle, I wasn´t sure if I liked it; too similar to others I know. But monotangeling it made me change my state of mind. It works! After having used it some more time I might even have fun with it! I am curious about where this will go!

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