fredag 10 juni 2016

Black Zendala-day

Today was another Zendala to be created.  In Square One Rundl by Ela Rieger is the focustangle. I have been playing with Rundl before but I kept it in my sketchbook for coming needs. And now it was the right thing to do on a zendala-tile. A black one. So many things has been going through my head today. 

Black has a calming effect most of the time. So here Rundl came along with Wud (Joni Feddersen) and Tipple. To be true I started with Fengle as a string for IAST. But Rundl took over completely, so I think I will do one more for Adele Bruno´s challenge of the week. This trio of patterns gave me release from what has been going on today.  

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