torsdag 2 juni 2016

The meaning of zentangle

Last night I was so tired. The summerheath has arrived so quickly this year. Almost no spring at all or the spring has been so very cold. I have been walking our doog every morning with the wintercoat on! And suddenly we have +30 degrees Celsius in the late afternoon! That´s hot and that also means I was in a real hurry to get all plants done and seeds in the earth! My back was aching and my head was empty. But I sat down tangeling and I made the tile for Joey´s challenge with roman number XV. Why? Because it is so simple to find out what to do. The string is given and the patterns too. When I was finished I couldn´t estimate the tile weather the result was satisfying or if it wasn´t worth displaying. But I was relaxed and went to bed filled with confidence that a new day would bring new possibilities!

The patterns Joey had choosen are all there: Chard (Linda Farmer), Seedings (Damy), Black Eyed Peas (Suzanne McNeill), Corn Rows (Suzanne McNeill) and Garlic Cloves (still don´t know the name of the tangler who has created this). I liked this challenge because it immediately put me into the "zone".

Today I went on with the IAST for this week. Adele has choosen three beautiful tangles: Pixiose (Margaret Bremner), Blooming Butter (Michela Beauchamp) and Zinger.

This became a tile that really means summer to me. I am curious about that the tangeling so often reflects what  we are into! It is an abstract tile. But in a way it isn´t, because I can see what I have done and it makes me smile. It is all about being presence in the moment! 

4 kommentarer:

Michele Wynne sa...

Both pieces are lovely! I really like the way you used all of the patterns in Joey's challenge and your String challenge is so elegant and very Spring;-)

Anonym sa...

Hi, Anita, I love both your tiles. Good job! What I like the most is your tangleation of Corn Rows.


Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's Michele! 😄

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's Joyce!😄