måndag 13 juni 2016

There is this garden thing

Yesterday - no tangeling. The garden was taking my time. When I am among the plants, digging in soil I can´t do many other things. I feel good when I can make the garden feel good. I try to work in the garden as if I was tangeling; take one step at a time not thinking and planning about everything that I don´t do at the moment. Our garden is big. There is no chance to keep everything on top. So I train every minute to just be in the moment and dig where I am. It is the same thing really as in meditation. And in tangeling. It fits together.

But today I went into the Rundl again. It is a funny pattern created by Ela Rieger CZT. It is also easy to learn. The step-out you find here. I really like it. Rundl can be used as a solitaire as well as a filler. 

I combined it with string 122 and the patterns: Morse (Margaret Bremner), Yah (Emily Classon)and Fescu. The string is from Adele Bruno and one of those go-to-strings in my tool-box. It is a string with similar quality as Rundl; it is easy to learn and easy to go with into a flow that never´ll be the same. Now I´ll return to the garden.

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