lördag 15 april 2017

13th, 14th and 15th of April

This week Eastern is celebrated all over the world. Of course this affects the tangling as well. I use to sing with the church-choir a lot this special week. But this year I caught a nasty cold that has taken away my voice badly. Not one note has come out of my troat! But I have done some tangeling in my calendar!

 No planning. But a lot of influences from Melinda Barlow´s videos on YouTube! 

13th of April: 5C Aura by Ina Sonnenmoser.
14th of April: Balloya by Anya Lothrop, Beadlines by Margaret Bremner, Printemps, Mooka, Tipple, Fescu and Flux, all Zt.
15th of April: 5C Wrapped and 5C Aura, both by Ina Sonnenmoser. Then some tiny Black Perlz and Fescu with Echoing lines.

As I looked on this page I could see in what way Eastern has affected it! Thursday was quite calm (I had some fever) and the black star down in the bottom must symbolize Judas leaving the others at the last supper. It wasn´t my intention to make it black but it went that way. Friday, "Långfredag" in Swedish and Good Friday in English: It went in such a dramatic way. I started with the Balloya as I had watched Melinda Barlow´s video. That pattern I had seen before but it didn´t attract me before watching her doing it. There are crosses everywhere! Today the 15th, is the day after crucifixion and everything has changed. The diciples are afraid, chocked not knowing what to do or where to go, so they stayed close to eachother. 

My point in writing this is, weather I like it or not, or weather you like it or not, Tangeling brings out into the light what is affecting me/you at the moment. It is not always obvious but it is more there then one can recognize at the first glance.

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