söndag 9 april 2017

4th - 9th of april and the Diva´s challenge

There are a lot of Grids. And Grids that can be used as Reticulas. Maybe it is the way you think of it that makes the difference? One definition is that a Reticula is always drawn with the pen, not the pencil. But a grid can be drawn with a pencil or a pen. That is confusing I think. 

4th of April: I picked up Daniel Lamothe´s Knightstar, a pattern I first learned from the Diva I think. Working with it I did fall in love with the pattern though first I found it a little bit difficult or too much high-focus. Until I experienced that this pattern was an excellent way to learn to see the oopses as new possibilities! I haven´t done it for a while, but looking through my sketchbooks I stumbled over it and tried it again. Now I put it into a Reticula from the Zentangle Primer, but still I kept the pattern not as a fragment but as I learned it from the start.

5th of April: Now I was thinking Knightstar and then I went into Merryweather by Sandy Hunter, a pattern in a square-grid, that I loved from the start. 

6th of April: Lovely Sindoo from Sharon Robinson completed three days of grids and reticulas.

7th of April: This day was a day of sorrow and/or anger for most people in Sweden. A terrorist attack in the heart of Stockholm occured when a lot of ordinary people were strolling around, shopping and whatever. A lunatic drove a truck into the crowd. The result of this did affect everyone I know. I tried to focus on some tangling and choose to go to the focustangle of Square One: Joki by Kim Arts Bruins.

8th of April: I went to church and to the church-choir. We sang "Crucifixtion" by John Steiner. It was so comforting to do so and the whole choir just sang from their hearts which made it to a special musical moment we won´t forget.

Tangles for the day: Joki, and the Diva´s challenge this week: Frunky (Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb). A lovely tangle! Thank´s to Laura Harms for introducing it to us!

9th of April: I went on with Joki and Frunky today and Trifle (Margaret Bremner) joined and some Striping. 

8 kommentarer:

Anja sa...

Beautiful work! Happy Sunday!

Jean Chaney sa...

Very nice tangling! I especially like how you used Frunky!

michele sa...

Your calendar pages are so beautiful!!!

Ria Matheussen sa...

How wonderful to have such nice memories of your choir. Those moments are very precious and made it all worthfull. I'm happy for you.
Nice calendar pages, I think it's fun to have such a calendar! My favorite is april the 9 th!

Lorna sa...

A really beautiful combination of tangles

Anne's tangle blog sa...

Your Joki's are beautiful and so is the rest. Indeed a horrible thing in Stockholm; our world is in turmoil! Hope the singing gave some comfort.

michele sa...

Such beautiful work Anita! Your calendar is a treasure;-)

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank´s everyone for wonderful comments!