måndag 24 april 2017

22nd, 23d and 24th of April and something about Celtic Knots

 Here is my calenderpage from today:

It is a lot of growing in it. It might be the spring coming. The notes:

22nd of April: Started of with Praa, a new pattern from Simone Menzel and then I went on with Papz, my own new one.

23d of April: Papz, Fun Bee (Beate Winkler), Meer, Edgar (Jody Genovese) Fun Bee is the focustangle in Square One and it sure gives an airy feeling to the rest! It also reminds me of the Opera Aida, by Verdi, that takes place in ancient Egypt!

24th of April: Tonight as I couldn´t sleep I went to Lynn Shelton Mead´s blog and her last post is about Celtic Knots. Who hasn´t got a fascination for Celtic Knot´s? I have tried to draw them many times, but it hasn´t been uncomplicated. I haven´t found celtic knots being useful in tangeling before. So I´ve dropped it. But Lynn shows a way to think about thise beautiful patterns that makes them work as tangles! I had to try it, so I tried it with more Fun Bees, a little Papz, Tipple and Fescu with Echoing lines (inspired by Melinda Barlow). It was great fun to do so I continued doing it the same way on an ordinary tile, using more Fun Bees and Beadlines too:

And yes it still works as a tangle! I will play with this more for sure! Thank´s to Lynn, who opened a door I thought was closed! 

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