onsdag 12 april 2017

10th -12th of April

Three more days done in the calendar! Here they come:

I hought I would go into a more organized way, maybe work on some idea about reticula and fragments or something. But the calendar wants something else, no planning here!

Monday 10th I remembered a fun pattern, Pop cloud by Carla du Prez and I had a true relaxing moment doing this followed by Frunky (Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb) and Tipple (zt).

Tuesday 11th I went to another pattern I know I wanted to explore when it first came up, but actually never did. Wall Break (Tina Kirchhübel, is the one and I still like it very much. Some Bronxcherries, Knightsbridge and Tipple followed with Abeko (Lynn Shelton Mead.

Wednesday 12th I went on with Wall Break, Frunky, Hollibaugh and Tipple.

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