söndag 30 april 2017

28th, 29th and 30th of April for Lily Moon

In Square One the focus is on the patterns of Lily Moon.Lily Moon is such a great tangler and one of the administrators of Square One. Her patterns are beautiful and I have used most of them in my tangeling journey. There is a dark reason for this focus - Lily is in a situation noone wants to be in right now and Chris Titus took this initiative since tangeling also is a way to bring strength and energy. In this way Chris invited tanglers all over the world to send their thoughts or/and prayers to Lily. It is a wonderful idea.

My last three days I have focused on this task. A freehand penciled heart as a string. Under the tangled hearts there are wishes penciled from me for Lily. I wish her strength, peace, comfort and balance. 

28th of April: Andromeda and Andante by Lily Moon + Balloya (Anya Lothrop) and Fescu.
29th of April: Andromeda an Amphora by Lily Moon
30th of April: Drogon and Lealad by Lily Moon.

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