torsdag 27 april 2017

25th, 26th and 27th of April + Dingbatz

Here are my latest calendar page:

25th of April: Balloya (Anya Lothrop), 5CAura (Ina Sonnenmoser), Cubine and Pokeroot.
26th of April: Nipa, flec (Jem Miller) and Fassett (Lynn Shelton Mead).
27th of April: Flec (Jem Miller) and Weben Idi Lowenherz.

I use to begin my day with the calendar. These last three days I did at my breakfasttable. A kind of kitchen-table-tangle!

Talking about that, there is a new Kitchen-table-tangle video on Youtube! and it is all about Dingbatz. Before I watched this video I had no idea what Dingbatz was. As I saw it I had to try it and it was great fun. I used ATC-size this time:

5C Wrapped (Ina Sonnenmoser) and something Mookish and perfs. This took not much time to do and I liked it very much.

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