torsdag 3 augusti 2017

IAST 206 and the calendar 1st-3rd of August

For IAST 206 has Adele Bruno picked tangles that are known to me. Two of them are tangles I use freequently, one I only have done in my sketchbook. 

Funbee(Beate Winkler), is such a lovely little tangle, that makes me smile when I use it. Yincut (Zt) I used a lot as I learned it and now and then it comes back to me. This is my first tile with Pach (Judy Okawa) I think. Using it in a context with other tangles is really fun! So it may land in my pile with go-to-tangles after this round! 

My first page for August in the calendar:

As usual Carole Ohl has picked fragments to start the month with. This time J15 and K15 from the Zentangle Primer. J15 and K15 are not my favourites among the fragments, so I decided to use them all over the page and see what came out of the pen. 1st of August I tried it in a ordinary square reticula as suggested. I wasn´t too happy about the result. 2nd of August I decided to use Pico (Staub Korn) as a fragment and this went a little wilder and I like this better. 3rd of August I blew it up and had to improvise to make it work which led to a striped fragment and a little different fragment from original. I loved the outcome of this and I had fun doing it! Which means: don´t give up on anything. Just do it more!

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Ria Matheussen sa...

You must have a wonderful condition because you are creating so mutch gorgeous work. I didn't found this challenge an easy one but you created a beautiful result. Especially these little touches of shadows give your tile something extra.