lördag 1 oktober 2016

After Te Deum-tangle

This evening I have participated in a consert with music from a Swedish composer, Otto Olsson. His opus Te Deum is overwhelming to do and it is still circulating in my head! To relax I made Joey´s challenge this week. The last in a series  of "Finish my tile". The start was Diva Dance (Walz), and to me it is a very musical pattern so that suited me perfect!

I added some more dancing (Rock n´Roll) and those who followed were: Flux, Tipple, Huggins (or is it W2?), Dragon Air (Norma Burnell) and Florez (Andrea Schuman). I am grateful to have been able to sing in a chorus like tonight with such great musicians! And I appreciate to do this tangle as a result of a wonderful day!

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

wondeful idea :-) Gudrun S.

Ria Matheussen sa...

A very nice musical tile Anita, you can feel the flow. Especially Dragon air is so beautiful drawn,

Suse sa...

I love how you've nestled the other tangles like dragonair and huggins into the diva dance.
Singing with a chorus like that is one of the most uplifting things you can do!