lördag 8 oktober 2016

Pattern in Focus

There are patterns, I admit, I never would have tried, if it had not been for challenges or Square One´s focuspattern. I Square One the new focuspattern is Oshun (Sandy Steen Bartholomew). I wouldn´t have noticed this, nor tried it if it hadn´t been for Chris Titus in Square One.

But here it is in relation with string 171! To me this is a good example what a string can do.  I just decided that Oshun should work in this string whatever. As I went on with this, I forgot time and what to do next, it just went it´s own way finding it´s own place. I liked to do it and I liked the experience that a pattern that doesn´t appeal to me at first sight might give me a great surprise working on it! the other pattern is Hollibaugh and a sort of tangleation of Star Map (Suzanne McNeill). 

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