måndag 10 oktober 2016

String 173

Today I have come to string 173 (Judyellen Palumbo) in my personal challenge. When I first saw it I hesitated. What to do with this. It was so much in itself. I could either fill it up with a lots of patterns or keep it very clean. The string looked like this:

Since this is about zentangle, I can turn it around and change the orientation as I want. 

I did and I started with the first pattern that came to my mind: Zedbra (Laura Harms/Margaret Bremner). Then came Sails (Helen Williams) and Wired (Suzanne McNeill)to keep everything in its place! Then it was time to leave to go to the vet with Bisse (to check her ears), so I just let it be that way till we got home again. Having a new look at it, I decided to shade a little and then it was finished. I am satisfied with this and most satisfied that I was able to leave it like this not putting in every tangle I could! 

From the start when I found Lori Byerly´s blog I have admired her way of leaving the tile exactly at the right moment and not overdo it. This has been a great inspiration for me, although it almost never, or very seldom, has come out in my own work. But this time I am so happy to say I am close to something else! It is all about focus. All about being in the moment not rush away into something else. No worries.  This is the process and this is what is important to me.

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