söndag 2 oktober 2016

Autumntangle and a bargain

This morning was the first morning when autumn came with low temperature. It must have been below zero last night, the ground was carrying white frost here and there. After walking the dog I took a look at our garden. Nothing seemed to be destroyed though. When the sun warmed the air I went out taking care of things that I needed to save from the coming coldness. Mostly herbs and some flowers. My big Alöe I surrounded with cloth, it can stay outdoor one more week. It is to heavy for me to carry myself.

I like to do this. It gives me some calmness. Maybe that shows in today´s meditation:

I used string 168. The patterns are Lollywimple (Sandy Hunter), Antidots (Anita Roby-Lavery), Florez (Andrea Schuman) and Meer.

After doing this I made some clearance here in my studio. I love to do that, I always find things I have forgotten I had! The bargain today was a beautiful paper which I had marbeled long ago! Now I knew what to do with it! Look here:

The paper is heavyweight and of good quality! I love them as they are, but there will be tangling on these!

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