söndag 9 oktober 2016

Something new

Today I wanted to try something I haven´t tried before. As I was trying Sandy Steen Bartholomew´s pattern Oshun I also wanted to try her app "Tangle Library". I do like her book "Yoga for your Brain" which I bought more than a year ago. It might look a little too simple at the first sight, but there are a loots of goodies in there and I have had much fun with it.  So I got the app for my iPhone! To be useful to me I soon found out that I had to buy some more pack of pattern inside the app, since all the patterns that came with it were the same as in the book. I didn´t like that at first but then I told myself to give it a round. Tangle library is very easy to handle. The step-outs are good, but maybe the most important thing is that this app gives me a chance to organize my patterns since there is a pretty good scanner in it and it is possible to add tags and information about the patterns I add to the photo-library in the app. 

Yesterday I sat tangling in the car (not driving!) and tried  2 patterns I had not used before. Ceil (Sandy Steen Bartholomew, from now I write SSB) and Slalom (Sandra Strait). Ceil I had in the app and Slalom I found at When I had practiced in my journal I scanned my work in the app and there I have them very easy to look at and it is easy to bring the patterns with me whereever I go as I usually have my phone with me! Here is my tile for today using Sandys tool:

I used string 172. Oshun (SSB) and Florz is also there. This time I didn´t forget the befor-shading-pic! Here it is:

I am not a friend of using apps for everything. But sometimes I admit it makes things easier in one way or another. I think I will use the Tangle Library when I am travelling, when I am on vacation, when I am in the doctor´s or dentist´s vaitingroom or some place else where I won´t carry my books and stuff around with me. 

2 kommentarer:

Ria Matheussen sa...

Thanks for the pic before and after shadowing. It is so nice to see how the tile really becomes more beautiful trough shadows!!!
I am a bit jealous that you can draw in the car, in the docter's waiting room etc... I think an I Phone is wonderful in that case but for me it is impossible, I need to be in a quiet neighbourhood.
P.S. I've just posted an article with the results of our collaboration on my website.
Kind regards and again thank you.
Ihope your "cold" is cured and I wish you a week with lots of tanglepleasure

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Dear Ria! Yes I am much better today. Thank's to the Ginger I belive! When I get home from my eveningwalk with Bisse I'll visit your blog! 😍