onsdag 26 oktober 2016


Tagh is an official zentangle from Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. Now it is the focustangle in Square One. That´s one of interesting things with this Fb-group, patterns you once learned comes up and get a new chance! I haven´t used Tagh since I learned it. No particular reason, but I then didn´t get a relation to that pattern. Now I took the chance to get one! First I made it on a white tile:

I used string 181 and LO´s (mine). There is something else to but I am not sure what it is! That happens in zentangle: you don´t always know if you have drawn a pattern that is someone elses or not!  I loved to try different shadings on Tagh this time! Tagh is so easy to learn and so easy to make variations on! And very relaxing! I have a feeling that Tagh will become more special to me after having it in focus. So yesterday evening I made a black tile as well:

My own string dissapeared almost here. Dreamcatcher (Daniel Lamothe) and Tipple came along. Black tiles are special to me. I need them.

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