måndag 3 oktober 2016

Paper and a tangle I never liked.

This post is about two things. The material, paper, in original tiles is so special. I do love it. And the corners and edges of the tile are so beautifully done. In Sweden it is difficult to get these tiles. There was one shop where you could buy it and that was Panduro. But this summer they sold out their stock of tiles and startkits for zentangle! They don´t have it any more. Not even the pens! How to deal with that? As I started doing zentangle I ordered from But with shipping and other fees that is not an option. Now I can get original-tiles going abroad or if someone comes to visit me! But as always there is a solution! With the help of my friend, Marie Penzing, I now can by sheets of the same qualitypaper as in original tiles! Marie is so clever, she had found the only one selling this in Sweden, Svenskt Konstnärscentrum in Kristianstad! She sent me some tiles she had cut herself to try. It is fantastic! It is the same feeling in this, the pen glides smoothely on the surface, no bleeding and the shading works in the same way! The paper is called Tiepolo. So all Swedish tanglers, here is our salvation! The only thing is, I have to cut the tiles myself, use a corner-punch and there it is!!! What I don´t get is the print on the back side where it says Original Zentangle. And the edges are not the same, they are straight. But the price is nice, I can afford this. Of course, I might get original tiles now and then from abroad. But I am so happy to have this possibility to always get good material to work on.

Here is my first work on this material:

This tile is special. Last night when I already was in bed I was thinking about tangles I never use. There are several reasons why a tangle I have learned not is anything I go to regularely. There are so many patterns around. Quite seldom it happens to me that I strongly dislike a pattern. I use to like them when I have learned them. But there is one pattern I learned very early and that is Vitruvius, an original zentangle. I can say I hated that one. So as I didn´t fall asleep last night I took my tangle journal and pen and started to play with it again. I can´t explain why I disliked this pattern. But I have noticed that Vitruvius very seldom is used by other tanglers. So there might be one or two that has the same relation to it as I had. I decided that my daily meditation today should include Vitruvius. I used string 169 (Beth Snoderly) and this time Vitruvius took me away. The outcome is a monotangle!! And I loved to do it.

Well I have one or two patterns left to go a round with like this. But from this I learned how easy it is to get another relation to a pattern!

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading. When I get your comments it is a party for me to read them!

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Anonym sa...

Thank you for this interesting post. It sounds to me like it is high time that Sweden got a CZT - don't you want to go to Providence next year, Anita??? Then you can more affordably buy all the tiles you want and send them to other Swedish tanglers. I am sure you would be a great teacher, too. But, anyway, despite me acting like it's an easy Thing to do, I know it isn't. I also think your Vitruvius tile is lovely and I agree that sometimes our dislike of a particular pattern can get turned around. I don't dislike Vitruvius, really; it's just one I seldom think of. Maybe I will give it a go again. Jennifer Hohensteiner

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's dear Jennifer! Of course I would Love to go to Providence! But as you say it is not easy to do that! But you never know what comes around the corner!😍