onsdag 12 oktober 2016

Troubled mind

This has been one of those days when things doesn´t go the way they should. My joints have been aching so I went to the doctor taking some bloodtests. I have to wait for the answers of course. Then shifting the car-deck for winter on my car: I´ll have to by new ones, my old are bad. I KNEW it! But that wasn´t all. They said I have to get new summer car-deck in the spring as well! So when I sat down tangling as I got home, I was pretty mad about everything.

I bet it shows in this tile! As a string I used nr 174 (Annette Plaga-Lodde) and the patterns are: Shark Kisses (Jenna Black), Tatle (Milde Weiss), Dreamcathcer (Daniel La Mothe), Wall Break (Tina Kirchhübel) and Indyrella. Shark Kisses was absolutely the right pattern to start with: Angry teeth! I can tell I am in much better mood after doing this one!

Tomorrow we are going away to the mountains for a few days. That means no posting. But of course I am happy for comments! Always!

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