söndag 1 januari 2017

Happy New Tangling Year!

My tangling year started after midnight this first day of 2017. I got such a nice gift from Sandy Kelley Jones the days before Christmas; Carole Ohls calender "tangle a day".I was ofcourse tired but here is the result:


As you can see I was finished 01:46! This will be fun to do! The pattern is Starawn (Judy Murphy). I haven´t made up my mind how to go on with the calender. But I liked the start.
The meditation today I made on a regular tile in a basic way:

I used string 220 (Nancy Eaton) and patterns: Starcrossed (Jenna Black), O (Adele Bruno), Sindoo (Sharon Robinson), Striping (Zt), Crescent Moon (Zt) and Tipple (Zt). When I work on a tile like this I turn the tile many times as I draw. That means there is no ups and downs!  I just have to choose which way I like it the best. This time I think I want to turn the picture:

I am not sure which one I prefer but I am happy with the outcome whatever! 

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Ria Matheussen sa...

A beautiful tanglingstart of the year!!!