söndag 25 juni 2017

Calendar 19th-24th of June

After my latest post we have been celebrating Solstice or as we call it in Sweden: Midsummers Eve and Midsummers Day. This must be the most Swedish tradition there is! Jumping and dancing round a poole decorated with leafs, flowers and wreaths! Eating, drinking and singing Swedish drinking songs.

I am not sure this affected my calendarpages. They are all filled with O-tangles for "Today´s Tangles".

Maybe they are a little busy. But I liked to do them. There is only one tangle I haven´t tried before and that is Owls by Beth Snoderly on 22nd. But some of the patterns I don´t use regularely.

The patterns are: Onamato (Zt), (O)by Damy, Orbs de la Dee (Anneke van Dam), Olb (Helen Williams), O (Adele Bruno), Off Key (Lori Byerly), Orange Arc (Sandra Strait) Oybay (Antonine Koval), Opus (Zt), Owls (Beth Snoderly), Organic (Sayantika Ray), Ovy (Adam Roades), Oke (Michele Beauchamp), On Target (Barbara Finwall) and Oof (Zt).

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