tisdag 27 juni 2017

Calendar and C-view

A new tangle appeared recently from Ria Matheussen. It is called C-view and as I viewed it I immediately was attracted to it. Last three days in the calendar has C-view in focus:

25th of June: C-view (Ria Matheussen) with Flux, Fescu and Tipple.
26nd of June: C-view meets Flez (Lori Howe).
27th of Juni: Almost a solonumber with C-view, but here is also Flez again and Fescu.

Todays tile is also about C-view:

Followed by Flez again. C-view is flowerlike and organic. I like it a lot because it can be drawn lovely and pretty as well as cool and nasty! I can look like a flower from outer space or something you find in your garden.

1 kommentar:

Ria Matheussen sa...

Lovely variations on C-view, beautiful combined with other tangles.
Thank you very much Anita, well done!