måndag 12 juni 2017

I am the Diva´s challenge no 319 and IAST 198

I made my beads of courage, for Diva´s challenge 319, last night before going to sleep. Here it comes:

I used Agni (Lily Moon), Cruffle (Sandy Hunter) and some other Beads I have no name on. This is a different and relaxing challenge from the Diva coming back now and then. This time I went for color again and for shading I used a Distress Marker.

The next challenge I really wanted to participate in is IAST 198. It is a feature for Agni, the pattern that Lily Moon created her daughter in memoriam. I love that pattern and doing it I send my thoughts to Lily for her unbelivable loss.

In the challenge there are also Knightsbridge (Zt) and Tira (Ragged Ray).  Knightsbridge is a dominant pattern, I like it but very often it takes over the place! I have only tried Tira once and I wasn´t to happy of the result that time! But here I like it. It is like the pearls in Agni continue in Tira!

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