måndag 19 juni 2017

My calendar goes Steampunkish!

The focustangle of Square One is now Struutz by Sarah Fowler. It wasn´t new to me, I had saved the stepout in my pile with tangles to try! Struutz is different to most of the patterns going around among tanglers. It looks fun and it is so fun to draw!

Struutz forced me to explore more about Steampunk-style. Once when I was a begginer in the zentangleworld I got a comment saying something like my tile looked like steampunk. I had never heard that word before and knew nothing about it, so I looked it up. From what I understood it was about machines, Bolts, Materials and so on. Here you can find out more about Steampunk!

Of course you can draw Struutz in many other contexts, but my first thought about the pattern was something belonging to a machine! So the last three days was like this, crowded, filled up and a lot of new things. 

16th of June: Struutz (Sarah Fowler), Dansk (Margaret Bremner), Showgirl (Vicki Bassett), and Hearts4G (mine).

17th of June: More Struutz with Gear Flower (Sandra Strait), Nuts and Bolts (Ina Sonnenmoser), Vitruvius (Zt) and Maze (Zt).

18th of June: Even more Struutz with Gear Flower (Sandra Strait), Geared (Sandra Strait), Holes (Suzanne McNeill), Dansk (Margaret Bremner), Hearts4G (mine), Mooka (Zt), Dex (Zt), and Maze (Zt).

Today 19th of June I was ready to try it on a tile! 

It looks cleaner, I slow down more working on a regular tile. Here with Vitruvius, Cubine, Hibred and Tipple. I might not be a Steampunk tangler, but I can see the style has affected at least this tile.

What I learned from this adventure is, Steampunk is FUN, Steampunk looks very complicated but isn´t, Steampunk is relaxing so if you haven´t tried it, don´t hesitate! Give it a round!

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