fredag 30 juni 2017

28th-30th of June

Today my sister Maria would have had her 55th birthday. She never went that far, she died before her 18th birthday of leukemia. At that time there wasn´t much hope if you got Leukemia. Now it is different even if it is a serious form of cancer. As I looked in my calendar today I remembered her. She was such a beautiful girl and talented.

Here are my last three day´s in the calendar:

28th of June: Nobbles (Jane Nichols), Geared (Sandra Strait), Nuts and Bolts (Ina Sonnenmoser),Papz (mine)

Nobbles I found through Tangle it - Tanglepattern club. But there is a similar pattern in Musterquelle, called Cirli (Diana Linsse). I don´t know which one was the first to come up with this. Anyway, it is such a fun pattern!

29th of June: I went on with Papz, Caviar (Lori Howe) and Praa (Simone Menzel).

30th of June: Flez (Lori Howe, Caviar (Lori Howe) Camread (Susan Yeo with friends from Malaysia), Flux and Printemps.

My tile from today:

I went on with Camread. It is the focustangle in Square One and it is a fun tangle. Here together with Abeko (Lynn Shelton Mead) and Caviar (Lori Howe). This time I used a string from Tanglepattern Club. Today it has been a warm summers day. Maybe it is the first one. It affected me in a way, because I slowed down more than I use to do! The heath was helpful, and I appreciate the way this turned out because of the slow slow motion!

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