måndag 12 juni 2017

1st - 12th of June

I haven´t forgotten my blog or abandone it! But I have been away on vacation for a week. Before I left I didn´t have the time either. But here comes my calendar pages:

 I started the month of June with the fragment Carole Ohl suggested, J15. It was som work on it but it was fun! The second day of June I was walking my dogs as usual in the early morning. This time I noticed the small triangular window under the roof of a barn we use to pass quite often. I thought it must make a nice little Dingbatz so...I filled it with Tint (Henrike Bratz) and Impossible triangles (Zt). On the third I went on with Tint and Crescent moon (Zt).

4th, 5th and 6th on vacation. Went on with the Dingbatz-model! I liked to do this page a lot starting after breakfast before we went out into the wild! 
7th 8th and 9th: Tried to learn 2V (Ginny Lu). 7th was to follow the steps carefully, 8th I made it in combo with N´Zeppel and on the 9th I tried it with B-Twined (Pegi Shargel). Think I liked the 9th best...

10th, 11th and 12th. Back home again and now Diva dance goes through the entire page followed by Puffin (Jean Chaney), Caviar (Lori Howe), Agni (Lily Moon), Impossible triangles (Zt), Ziggle Chase Messineo), Showgirl Vicki Bassett), and Apacore (Lori Manoogian). I have used Ziggle only once but I like this pattern a lot!

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