onsdag 28 juni 2017

Recycling again

Going on with recycling watercolorpaintings! I like to do this. It is a nice feeling to make something of paintings I looked at as a failure. Something that can´t be a failure. Because when you tangle nothing is a failure, just a possibility!

As I opened Fb this morning I found out that a friend and tangler, Ela Rieger has her birthday and looking at the tile I wanted to make this one to celebrate her. And it came out like a birthday-cake I think! With berries and candies and things in between. No I didn´t plan this, I only had her birthday in mind tangling! The patterns are: Flez (Lori Howe),Nobbless (Jane Nichols), Schlingl (Ela Rieger), Hearts4G (mine), Fescu and Florz. The string is the old painting.

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