måndag 3 juli 2017

1st-3rd of July

First three days of July. We have hade something like summer here! Warm, sunny and blue skies. Not the entire day today.  But quite warm! In my calendar I started with Carole Ohl´s suggestion and used Fragment K14.

Working on it I immediately thought of one of my favourites: Fassett by Lynn Shelton Mead, so in the second day of July I went on with this and also brought with me wonderful C-view by Ria Matheussen. Today, the 3rd of July I wanted to continue with Phroz, also by Lynn Shelton Mead. Phroz is told to be the sister of Fassett. I have done it before (only once), but went back to Fassett as my first choice! Today when I was doing my service in court listening to very depressing things I started to draw Phroz on my notepad. Listening to the victim´s story I felt a lot like crying. Don´t know why and how but I felt like Phroz was the right thing to do to keep my mind open and calm. Thank´s Phroz! I needed you and as I got home I made my calender-page with Phroz. After this I belive Phroz is also one of those patterns I will keep in my go-to-list! 5C Aura took place in the number. 

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