tisdag 16 maj 2017

Reticula - addictive!

This morning I watched a video by Melinda Barlow again. I was so excited, I made the entire page in my calendar from this. Take a look at the video first! Here is my entire page:

Watching Melinda´s explanation about the Reticula, I found out some points. The first one was that I should concentrate more on the reticulas rather than the fragments right now! The second point was, that I have been using some patterns as Reticulas quite a lot, without noticing what I have done. The third point is, this opens up even more possibilities with the Reticula-Fragment thinking!

Structures has always been interesting to me, especially in art. On this entire page I have done three Reticulas. They all eminate from patterns I love to do. The first one on 16th I got from Linda Barlow´s video and is a pattern called Glace. Or you can see, it also is an Oge-grid! 

Whow! Some days are better than others even if it is raining outdoors!

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