torsdag 18 maj 2017

Showgirl vs Paizel

Showgirl(Vicki Bassett)is one of those pattern I do love a lot. Today I went back to it thank´s to Melinda Barlow´s video. Sometimes there are a lot of new patterns around taking my focus, that I forget those I have been doing a lot just because I love them! But here she comes on a rennaisance tile:

As I have worked with Paizel (Angie Vangelis) due to the Square One focus it also came along with Showgirl. Paizel is a pattern I learned because of Square One and it will surely be one of my go-to patterns. It is so pretty! And as it is with Showgirl both can be drawn in a lot of ways. Here I wanted to try the technique Melinda Barlow shows in her video according to the shading. The shading is made with colorpencils and turpentine (odorless). So fun!

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