fredag 26 maj 2017

Reticula and Fragments in my calendar

This entire post is about Reticula and Fragments. In my calendar I have tried to focus more on the Reticulas and less on the fragments. The Reticula is the net which keeps everything together. First I tried 6 different Reticulas only, but then my curiosity won and I had to try them all with different Fragments. I worked with my Lamy-pen most of the time, not the micron. Here is the result:

16th-18th of May I did publish in an earlier post but I want to publish them together with the last three days because it is obvious when you look both pictures  what it means to use different Reticulas! The fragments are all from Zentangle Primer, but the Reticulas are from patterns I know well.

19th-24th of May came in a row. I had much fun doing this as I like surprises! It might look like a mess sometimes but there is a structure to follow! 

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