lördag 6 maj 2017

4th, 5th and 6th of May

4th of May: I started exploring Assunta (Zt), a tangle I  am not familiar with. I have seen it some times but it hasn´t attracted me. The negative form in Assunta looks like Cadent as Linda Farmer noted on the description of the tangle. It is a little bit tricky, the pointing "leaves" or "petals" goes in several directions. As I played with it I tried to transform it into cadent but Huggins was in the way so it went totally crazy! 

5th of May: I wanted to try Carole Ohl´s fragment-play with Pokeleaf. I did, but I draw the grid with my Micron, not with pencil and I think it came out pretty cool! 

6th of May: I used the idea of Dingbatz, to make frames and put the tangles inside. One Scallamp had to join, though it broke the frame att took Pokeleaf with her! Assunta and Huggins stayed calm.

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