måndag 29 maj 2017

Daily tangles and Diva´s challenge 317

I have been away, visiting my Dad far north of Sweden. I have been tangling ok, though no posts. A nice thing happened; my Dad has been through a surgery and his lifemate is of course concerned and worried about his health and recovery. When she saw me tangeling she wanted to try it. I taught her a couple of basic patterns an she liked it very much! I belive she found a way to relax and leave her anxiousness for a moment! Here are my tiles from the visit (drawn with my Lamy pen):

No 1: Showgirl (Vicki Bassett) meets Signalz (Bev Ripps)

No 2: Signalz, Paizel (Angie Vangalis), Sandswirl (Karry Heun), Antidots (Anita Roby-Lavery), Papz (mine) and Tipple.

No 3: Papz, Signalz and So Deceiving (Jutta Gladnigg). As I did this one I found out that Linda Farmer has published my pattern Papz on her site, So happy she did!

 No 4: Signalz monotangle.

As I arrived safely at home I found out about the challenge no 317 from the Diva! This was a quite different challenge! Before retirering I was a teacher and one task I used among children and adults was this: I gave them a piece of a photography and told them to use whatever they wanted but make that piece a part of their own painting/drawing. Now the Diva wanted us to use a photo for tangling. Here is mine:

I used a recycled tile (from an old watercolorpainting) again and cut out a part from a photo I took maybe two years ago. Then I tangled it using: Dreamdex (Debbie New), Fassett (Lynn Shelton Mead), Tri-Bee (Beate Winkler), Flux, Tipple and Flukes. First I didn´t know what this would be like but working on it (not giving it up) I really liked it! It was different but fun!

4 kommentarer:

Ria Matheussen sa...

The tiles you have made during your stay are very nice. My favorite is the one with Papz. I hope you have learned that pattern also to your father's friend? It's a beautiful uncomplicated tangle, congrats!
The DIva's tile is absolutely stunning, I love everything on it; the tangles form a wonderful unit together with the picture.

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's Ria! Your words mean a lot!

Simone Menzel sa...

Dear Anita,
I love it how you describe the effect of Zentangle to people, that have to cope with difficult situations... The tiles which you drew on your journey are wonderful.
The Diva tile is something extra special!I Iove it very much... it looks like a beautiful flower garden before a swedih house

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's Simone ! In fact, the Diva tile is a result of memories! The house where I grew up in summertime!