fredag 19 maj 2017

More Reticula and Fragment done with fountainpen

My fountainpen Lamy and I are old friends. I love to write poems with it, I have done a lot of sketches and drawings with it. I have tangled with it a lot in my sketchbooks. Now I wanted to try it on a tile (Fabriano Tiepolo) as I saw the results of Lynn Shelton Mead! 

The nib of my pen is a little bit broader than on Micron O,1. But I like how easily the ink flows over the surface. It is a different feeling and the pen is better in my hand than Micron. This is not the last tile I´ve done with my fountainpen!!!

I have tried to focus on the Reticula for some days now. The Reticula Glace (In Melinda Barlow´s video) is so fascinating. I tried it here with Fragment L25. It is simple but I like it a lot!

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