fredag 12 maj 2017

10th, 11th and 12th of May

This page i only use Fragments from the Zentangle Primer. I have thought about that for a while inspired by Simone Menzel´s work.

It was very fun and I only used one kind of Reticula, the one with squares. I started with one I have tried before, W7,  then I  went on with P6, M7, P5 and F2. M7 became a favourite! I think I will go on with this Fragment-Reticula-thing for a while it is so fun!

I talked a lot about Molygon in yesterday post. Today I tried it on a black tile and I got a tip from Sue Zanker, Australian tangler, to make them fatter.

Now I think I found a way to work with Molygon that I feel more comfortable with. This one was really relaxing to do and I like the way it talks to me.

6 kommentarer:

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More sa...

Love the fragments on your calendar page. I have not played with them to much yet. Your Molygon tile on black is just lovely.

Anonym sa...

I had the same problem and I do find that fatter segments look better and are easier to work with. This looks very good using the white on black.

Christine Courtois sa...

Very beautiful drawing on black tile ! It looks like A very appetizing fruit cup!

Anonym sa...

I love your Molygon on black tile:)
Gudrun S.

Anne's tangle blog sa...

You must be quite happy with this Molygon!

Lorna sa...

Lovely dancing molygons. Beautiful