onsdag 31 maj 2017

31st of May and Dreamdex

I aimed to produce some Dingbatz this month. But no planning in Zentangle! The last day of May is today and here is one:

I love the idea. I have done some but they are done in notebooks, on a program for something or as I am sitting listening to something I can´t concentrate on. They are not documented. I belive this is a good thing with Dingbatz. They don´t have to be anything else than a note somewhere! That doesn´t mean I don´t appreciate them.   I do love them a lot! And in May I have drawn them all with my Lamy pen!

The focustangle in Square One is Dreamdex by Debbie New. I don´t know why I had to struggle with it. The shapes are familiar. It is easy to learn. But I wasn´t satisfied with the sketches I made in my sketchbook. I like to draw it but something wasn´t what I wanted it to be. I decided I had to focus more on the pattern, so here comes a monotangle or almost a monotangle, since I couldn´t reject Beadlines (Margaret Bremner) coming in.

I am satisfied where this went. Now I think I know what was wrong. I felt a little locked in the pattern at first, but as I found out I really loved the negative form I saw I could break the pattern into other parts, which I loved! Maybe it is that fragmentfeeling....

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