söndag 7 maj 2017

What about the string and Balo?

This is my first tile with Balo (Hsin-Ya Hsu).I wanted to learn about how this tangle works. I mainly to use a string when I tangle. It is like the string takes the responsibility, not me, where everything is going.

Actually there is no string in this one. Or more precisely: I made the dots in the corners and the pencil-line connecting the dots, then the penciled line also became the string!

The pattern Balo is a Ribbon, and a ribbon that takes it´s place and will be dominating any tile. It is very pretty and kind of lace-like. I found it easy to learn and relaxing to draw. In the middle comes Assunta again. I think I start to love drawing Assunta after having tried it a lot lately. 

On there is a tangle-randomizer. It works very good also with strings. there are 250 strings published on the site. I have tried them all, but now I re-try them now and then with the help of the randomizer. Today I got string 65 (Pat Ferguson). Maybe it is hard to follow, but it is there!

I found this string perfect for Starfish flower (Nicole Dreyer). It is my first Starfish flower but I belive it won´t be the last. It is a pattern built on Echoing lines and very fun to do! The others are Fun Bee (Beate Winkler), Crescentmoon (Zt), Meer (Zt), and Tipple (Zt). 

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