torsdag 11 maj 2017


I am the Diva´s challenge this week is the tanglepattern Molygon. I decided to give it a round, though I´ve not liked my result when I have tried it earlier. It looks so easy and it is easy to learn. I have seen other tanglers making amazing things with this pattern. It is fun to draw. But it is something that causes me trouble. So I wanted to give it a chance once again. I started to put it in a Dingbaz:

The Molygon is so small here but anyhow it needed some embellishment. The striping made it look like worms of a kind. I like the Dingbatz-idea so I am pleased with this. Next one is with watercolor:

I didn´t want to add other tangles, I wanted to keep it simple. As I did this I saw that Molygon is a tangle that doesn´t stand on its own without embellishments, at least when I do it. Maybe it will if I blow it up....But it is still fun to draw.

Then I made this:

I filled most of them with Indyrella. This time it went a little more 3D. The last one:

I liked this one better than the others. Before I did this I looked att Melinda Barlow´s video, which helped a lot. I was more satisfied this time with the result and maybe Molygon will become a friend of mine one day. 

7 kommentarer:

Ragged Ray sa...

Great to see all your progress with Molygon. I really like the watercolour one - it's very calming to look at, very feminine. But the Indyrella is my favourite - it makes me think of a group of birds in flight.

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More sa...

A very nice set of Molygon tiles. I love your Dingbatz one! It's lovely!

michele sa...

Wow! Now that's what I call a study;-) They're all Fab!

Susie sa...

I like it simple so your watercolor one is my fav. But I also like the last tile where you just embellish a few for the eyes to focus on. Well done, your study.

Anne's tangle blog sa...

I do agree with Susie!!! However the other ones are beautiful too.

Jean Chaney sa...

I do think that Molygon requires several tries to become a friend. You certainly progressed with each try. Nice tiles!

Betsy Wilson CZT sa...