onsdag 3 maj 2017

1st, 2nd and 3d of April. It is all about Dingbatz!

Dingbatz is taking over mydesk right now. Small little drawings I didn´t know about a week ago. Or I didn´t have a name for them. I have seen them in books and on typhographical things. They are all special. All unique. Or should be. I had not connected Dingbatz, or Dingbats as the typhographical term is, with zentangle. But Rick and Maria did and trying to do this it is all obvious. So my latest calendar page is more sketchy than it use to be:

First I tried to identify the patterns I used, but now I have decided not to do that. It is like going into the djungle, there comes new things all the time! And working on this there will be more fragments than anything else. Ofcourse, if there are obvious patterns like Paradox and Fescu f.ex. I can name them. As I did here.

Dingbatz are fun to draw on Bijou-tiles or on ATC:s. Here is one little Bijou:

Yes, it is easy to identify Pokeleaf and the Mooka-parts. But from now on I won´t talk about that when it is about Dingbatz.  They are fun to do and absolutely addictive! They are made in a very short time or no time at all. And very special! Love to do it!

I have a lot of beautiful books in my library. One is a collection of Russian Fairy-tales and these fairy-tales are illustrated by an artist called I. Bilibin.  His drawings are amazing and there are a lot of Dingbats to be found on the pages. Look at this one:

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