torsdag 5 januari 2017

5th of January - a calendarprocess

Yesterday I saw how Lynn Shelton Mead treated Icanthis. It was stuck in my mind, I had to try it. I didn´t visit her blog first, I made my own try in the calender. But I recommend to follow the link! She makes everything so clear!

I just couldn´t stop it, as Icanthis took over the space but at last I didn´t stand it any more. Unsatisfied with the result I had to go out walking my dog. When I got back I saw what to do. I had to put in more black since it was to messy! 
Sometimes it is good to be interrupted. I was much more happy about this. The paper in the calendar makes me happy. Not so much with the shading but the way the micron glides over the surface. It is so fun!

I also finished a 3Z today. Unfourtunally I didn´t see Tina´s tip how to draw Hamail before I did it, but I´ll have that in mind next time!

This time I worked on an original tile, you can see that on the uneven edges. I got it from a friend of mine who kindly sent it to me. Hamail (Tina Aqua Hunziker) in the center, then Marasu (Zt) and Diva Dance (Zt). Quite simple maybe, but relaxing.

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