måndag 2 januari 2017

2nd day of the New Year

2nd Day with the calender. I would like to connect the days in some way. The first day lead to the second and so on...

There are three days on each page so this should be possible. On my second day I wanted to try Carole Ohls suggestion; a double spiral fragment in a grid.

I choose Amaze as the "background". The space to tangle on (59x62mm) is less than an ordinary tile (89x89mm). That helps to keep it simple. It is also another kind of paper, smooth and slightly glossy. It is fun and I don´t need a lot of time to do it. Very deliberating!

Then I made my daily tile using string 221 (Sandra Hart).

The patterns are: Cracked (Lori Howe), 3D-room (Dami Teng) and Sez (Zt). I brought Sez into this because that is a pattern I haven´t made to mine. It isn´t yet either, but I want to go on with it to see where it can lead.

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